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the best Video and photo
menus with next generation of technology 


Using Mobile Phones
Spiced Skewers

Video and Photo Menus

We provide breathtaking video reels and photos of your menu to make sure customers are salivating over your menu before ordering. Regardless of what plan you start with, we offer  onboarding of your entire menu and great customer service while using our service. 



  • Photos or Videos of 15 Food Dishes

  • onboarding of full menu

  • customer service by email 

  • 3 in-menu Custom ads

  • review hyperlink 

Red Cavier Sushi


Two Delicious Hamburgers


  • Photos of 50 items

  • 35 Video Reels of photos

  • onboarding of full menu

  • 15 in-menu Custom ads

  • no mellow menu affilate ads

  • review hyperlink 

  • Photos of 35 items

  • 20 video reel of photos 

  • onboarding of full menu

  • 6 in-menu Custom ads

  • review hyperlink 

White Structure

Our packages are designed to get your visual menu started. our technology allows Customers to help Build your Menu. With Mellow Menu Customers can upload videos and photos of their dish to a backend dashboard. 

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